Diovascular disease. She also noted that arsenic may affect brain developing in children andâ  play a role in miscarriages and low birth weight. Arsenic and rice although the fda has been monitoring arsenic levels in rice â for more than two decades, the focus on rice and rice products in 2012 came about as researchers became better able to detect toxic forms of arsenic. Here’s a breakdown of some major concerns about arsenic in rice: because arsenic accumulates in the germ of the rice, which is removed to make white rice, brown rice has higher levels of arsenic than white rice white rice with the higher levels of arsenic are those grown in the united states, especially rice grown in the southern states, while basmati and jasmine rice from india or thailand have lower levels of arsenic according to fda test results, the average levels of inorganic arsenic in micrograms (one millionth of a gram) found in rice and rice products are 6. buy viagra discount online viagra without a doctor prescription discount viagra online cheap viagra usa http://medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-100-mg-generic-viagra-np/ buy generic viagra buy cheap viagra generic viagra online buy cheap viagra viagra for sale 7 per 1 cup cooked rice (other than basmati), 5. 4 per 2 rice cakes, 3. 8 per 240 ml of rice beverages, 3. 5 per 1 cup rice cereals, and 3. 5 per 1 cup cooked basmati rice. A study published in environmental health perspectives online in february 2012 reported that the cancer-causing form of arsenic was found in some foods that use organic brown rice syrup. The foods included cereal bars (including organic varieties) and infant formulas. Researchers discovered arsenic at six times the federal level for drinking water (10 ppb) in two of 17 infant formulas and from two to more than 12 times that level in 22 of 29 cereal or energy bars tested. Arsenic in other foods in june 2011, the fda warned that chickens who had been fed a growth-promoting substance called rosarsone could have arsenic in their flesh. The chemical has been given to chickens since the 1940s to promote growth and also kill parasites. Fortunately, the warning prompted the chemical’s maker, pfizer, to state it would remove roxarsone from the us market. Other food additives still on the market still contain arsenic, however. Water is not the only beverage that contains arsenic. The january 2012 issue of consumers reports announced the findings of an investigation in which elevated levels of arsenic and lead were found in apple and grape juices. Specifically, about 10 percent of the tested juice samples from five different brands had arsenic levels that exceeded 10 ppb. Currently there are no standards for either of these potentially dangerous substances in fruit juices. Scientists are also exploring the levels of arsenic in seafood. Although seafood typically has the nontoxic form of arsenic, research indicates that when people digest seafood that contains arsenic, the chemical may be metabolized into potentially toxic forms. If that’s true, then foods such as sushi, mussels, and chinese soups may have high levels of arsenic. How to reduce arsenic exposure arsenic.

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